Hey, I’m Beth!

Welcome to Crowns & Knowledge, a blog about honest biblical living.

This blog was inspired by Psalms 18:14, which reads, “The naive inherit foolishness, But the sensible are crowned with knowledge.”

  • Have you ever read the Bible and thought it didn’t really mesh with what you’d heard in church?
  • Have you ever felt like everyone has an agenda when teaching you about scripture?
  • Do you wish you could incorporate God and His Word into your daily life more?
  • Do you wish you could teach your children to love God, but you have no idea how?

If any of these thoughts resonated with you, then you are in the right place.

Here’s a little about me…

I grew up keeping the whole Bible. Meaning, I was taught that we should keep many of the Old Testament laws, while also believing that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for our sins and was resurrected. Many today refer to this as messianic Judaism or Hebrew Roots.

Doesn’t really matter what you call it.

I call myself Christian. Want to know why? Because I’m a follower of Christ. I want to live as He lived, walk as He walked, and do what He taught.

But what you were taught in Sunday school may not be as biblically-accurate as you once thought.

I am not a part of any denomination, ministry, or organization. I have no agenda.

I’ve seen many harmful and flawed practices and traditions in most religious denominations, which is why I don’t subscribe to any particular one.

My only goal is to know and understand God’s Word, and then apply it in my life.

That’s why Crowns & Knowledge was created:

  • To help moms (and dads) become fully equipped to teach their children about God and His Word
  • To learn how to read and understand the Bible without bias
  • To apply real scripture and Christian living more in your family’s daily life

What are my credentials?

Besides the Holy Spirit inside me, I have none. And that’s the point! You do not have to be a Bible scholar to interpret God’s Word accurately. You only need scripture.

So, you don’t have to believe me… Just believe the Word.

As a mom of three young children, I have felt for years that there are not enough biblically-accurate resources available, especially for kids. I wanted to find fun activities, crafts and educational resources to do with my children, but most of what I found was based on tradition, not scripture.

So, I finally decided to do it myself.

I hope that this blog encourages, empowers, and exhorts you to be the most honest Christian you can be.