A Christian Passover: Kids’ Edition

A Christian Passover: Kids’ Edition

Sometimes it’s really hard to find fun, accurate Bible activities for celebrating God’s feast days. For our last Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread, I tried to come up with a few fun activities for our kids to make this special time of the year memorable for them.

Here are a few of the things we did this year:

Removal of Chametz

One of the activities we came up with was a spin on the common Jewish tradition of searching for “chametz”, which is leaven. Before the first Holy day, parents will hide pieces of bread throughout the house. The kids then search through the home, sometimes with a candle, to find all the leaven and remove it.

I didn’t really want to hide actual pieces of bread around the house, so instead I just found some free clipart of common leavened foods (cake, cookies, sandwich bread) and we colored and laminated them. In the days leading up to the Feast, I hid them and the kids searched for and brought them to me.

Here are the finished pieces.

My middle kiddo searching through his room.

They had a lot of fun with this activity, and we could do it over and over. Now we can keep these pieces and use them every year!

Learning about the plagues

Another common theme during this time of year is learning about the plagues and the Israelite slaves’ journey out of Egypt. The first nine plagues led up to the institution of the first recorded Passover meal. I found clipart representing the plagues and we colored, cut, and laminated those as well (laminator for the win!).

There are lots of different ways you could use these, but here I just put them up on our white board and my daughter put them in order and labeled them.

Scripture Memorization

One of my go-to activities is tracing! I use the website worksheetworks.com ALL. THE. TIME. It’s great for learning scriptures while simultaneously practicing handwriting.


The kids seem to enjoy tracing, too! It keeps their hands busy and improves their motor skills.


It’s always fun to decorate for any special time of the year. I wanted our decor to be biblically accurate, not based on tradition. So I found clipart for a lamb, a wine glass, matzah, and parsley (bitter herb) and printed them.

We colored, cut out, and laminated these pieces and I attached them to fishing line to make a pretty banner.

I also decorated our Passover table with a relevant scripture, candles, and greenery. Isn’t it pretty?

One of the most special things the kids and I did for the decor was build a matzah house.

We used a small cardboard box as the main frame and glued matzah to the sides and top. Honestly, it didn’t work that well, even using super glue! The matzah kept wanting to break and crack. We may have to try something a little different next time, but we made it work. Here are my older two using frosting and chips (butterscotch, cherry and white) to decorate the house. We used the cherry chips around the door frame to symbolize the blood of the lamb.

It made for a really cute and fitting centerpiece for our Passover table.

Do you have any Passover or Unleavened Bread traditions? Tell us in the comments!

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