How a SAH Mom Makes More than $1k/Month as a Wellness Coach: Q&A with Beth Wray

How a SAH Mom Makes More than $1k/Month as a Wellness Coach: Q&A with Beth Wray

Ever wonder what a wellness coach actually does? Or how they actually make money? Well, I talked to one mom who started her own successful business as a wellness coach.

Meet Beth Wray, a SAH mom who makes a substantial income for her family as a health and wellness instructor while staying at home with her children.

I interviewed Beth to learn more about how a SAH parent can build a business from home.

First, please tell me a little about yourself.

I am a full time stay-at-home mother, unless I travel for my work. I teach health and wellness classes with an emphasis on essential oils. I believe that we are created as whole beings and not separate compartments, so I teach for that standpoint.

What made you interested in this line of work in the first place?

I got into the business because our daughter died in 2006 from a reaction to antibiotics. My husband gave up on life after her death; he was depressed and was also having panic and anxiety attacks. We dealt with it for five years until I said that is enough.

We were researching essential oils and decided to try them. Best thing we ever did – we use oils for everything now.

Can you tell me what a typical day looks like for you?

A typical day looks like me working on my business for about two hours, including mentoring calls with my team, educating my customers and studying for classes I will be teaching. I don’t spend tons of time on it. I have plenty of time for being with my children and doing what needs to be done for our family.

I do have a 15-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son who have been trained to run a house and they do help with cooking, laundry and other things. We do home school, so that factors in here, too!

So, how do you actually make money?

I make money by helping others get the product at the same cost I do. To do this they open a wholesale account and the product is shipped directly to them, they have the option of ordering every month or not. This is where the pipeline comes in; if someone is seeing results and using their products consistently, they will need to order every month.

This is about residual income not having to find new customers every month to keep making money. Because of my experience, I am always listening for those who need oils in their lives. However, I am not desperate to keep finding new people in fear of losing my income if I don’t.

How do you teach the classes?

I teach online and in person. I travel to different areas where my team is and teach for them.

So, how much do you actually make on average?

I make around $1500 – $2000 a month. Depending on bonuses and promos. I have some blocks around money I am working on removing.

How did you build your team, and how many are on it?

I have over 600 in my organization, about 10 of them are my active business partners. I just listen to others, build relationships and at some point I will offer natural solutions in the form of a sample to try. I will work with them to find what works for them and their family. I like to have a relationship with trust and not just start sharing as soon as I meet them.

How often do you travel, and how do you balance that with being a SAH mom?

I traveled about once a month last year,with a little more intense travel in August, September and October. I don’t have plans to do that this year. My husband also owns his own business, so we make it work for us.

When I do travel I am not often gone for longer than 3-4 days. And it is a pretty intense time of training and classes with my team I have traveled for.

What would you say is most important for someone interested in this type of career?

A sincere desire to help others. It can’t be all about the money, because it can be slow to build up your pipeline. Passion will help make that faster but most of us have blocks and things we have to work through that can hinder us, too.

This isn’t a get rich quick business, the focus is on serving others. With that focus and desire it can build fast or slower, it just depends on the person. I wanted to be a nurse growing up, so this is right up my alley. The study of the body and how oils work with it is fascinating to me. Knowing we are whole – not parts and pieces – is very important.

Passion is also extremely important part of it, too. If you don’t know WHY you are doing it and have passion for that WHY, it will be harder until it is figured out.

Thank you so much for your time! If the readers have any more questions for you, how can they reach you?

I am on FB and have a page there. I don’t like to use my company website. I would rather speak with them and offer FREE samples – building a relationship rather than “just go buy from me”.

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