One Simple Habit that can Drastically Improve a SAH Mom’s Day

One Simple Habit that can Drastically Improve a SAH Mom’s Day

I’ve been a mom for more than five years now, and in that time, I’ve learned a thing or two about sleep deprivation. Oh, and exhaustion. Impatience. Also, frustration. (Don’t I make parenthood sound wonderful? Haha!).

And in that time, I’ve realized that one little thing can practically make or break my day. This one thing usually determines whether my day is either full of productivity or procrastination. Full of organization or chaos. And you’re probably going to laugh when I tell you.

It’s not a cup of coffee.

It’s not getting dressed and ready for the day.

It’s not even Bible study (although, that’s certainly going to help!)

The one thing that always makes my day better is…

Waking up before the kids.

I know, now you’re thinking, “Seriously? That’s all you got, Beth?” or, you’re about to close this tab, having already convinced yourself that you could never be a morning person.

Hear me out! I usually “sleep in” on the weekends (till, like, 7 AM), and just wait until one of the kids wakes me up. And I’ve done this occasionally on weekdays, too.

But, instead of feeling more rested on those days, like I should, I always end up being grumpier and feeling like the day is completely out-of-control. Why is that?

The answer is actually simple. We all need a little time to “wake up”. And if your day immediately begins with going potty, warming up milk, and preparing breakfast, before you ever get a chance to rub your eyes, then you will feel tired and overwhelmed for the rest of the day. At least, I do.

Most days, I wake up with my husband, get him a little breakfast, and prepare him a lunch to bring to work. And, even though it’s sometimes hard to roll out of bed, I never regret that extra time I get before the kids wake up.

In our house, kids are not allowed to get up before 6:30 AM. So I get a full hour to myself to drink coffee, work, watch a show – whatever I want – in complete silence. I get to mentally prepare myself for the day, and by the time the kids start waking up, I’m ready! I’m awake, I’ve had some peace, and I am ready to help them go potty, warm up milk, get breakfast, and care for all their other (never-ending) needs.

Obviously this is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and it may not work for everyone. But, if you find yourself immediately overwhelmed or frustrated when your day is just beginning, or you’re already behind before you start the day, this one simple change may help.

Wake up an hour before them. Make your coffee, eat some breakfast, read the Bible, do some yoga, whatever calms and prepares you for the day.

You may be surprised how you have more energy when you wake up before your kids!

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